The Professional Learning Community Support System (PLCSS) will be overseen by the MSAD 59 Certification Committee. The Certification Committee will operate independently but may consult with the Superintendent of Schools and/or the Board of Directors as appropriate, as well as utilize the services of the Department of Education Certification Office. Chapter 180 establishes the requirements for local support systems required by 20-A MRSA §13011 et seq. to operate as part of the certification process.


It is the responsibility of all certified and authorized staff supported by this plan to maintain a current certificate/authorization while employed by MSAD 59, as well as provide necessary documentation as directed in the PLCSS document.


If you have questions regarding certification, it is recommended to contact the MDOE Certification Office via email which will provide you with written documentation of questions and responses.  Karyn Bussell (teachers) and Nicole Richardson (Ed Techs) are available to contact the MDOE Certification Office on your behalf.


As of August 2018, the MDOE NEO certification renewal system is open to educators.  MDOE is continuing to work through the operation of the system. Contact Karyn Bussell (teachers) and Nicole Richardson (Ed Techs) if you need assistance.


Certification Documents


Maine Department of Education Certification Link



59 plcss ed tech data revision 2019.pdf
59 plcss pcap 5 yr plan revision 2019.pdf
59 plcss prior approval revision 2019.pdf
59 plcss revision 2019.pdf
Plcss cert renewal checklis 2019.pdf
Plcss key points 2019.pdf