Administrative Staff




 Jessica Ward

 Position/Classes:  Principal

 Hobbies/Interests:  Sking, Spinning, Knitting, Spending time with   Family.

 Christopher LeBlanc  Coordinator of Student Services Email
 Dean Collins

 Postition/Classes:  Director of School Counseling, Emotional, Behavior   and Career Counseling 

 Hobbies/Interests:  Outdoors, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Sking/Walking,   Like to read:  Clancy, Cussler, King, Baldacci Books.

 Abby Michaud

 Position/Classes:  Guidance Administrative Assistant
 Come to me for help, if i don't know the answer i will find it.


 Amber Noyes  Administrative Assistant to Principal Email

Faculty & Staff




 Raelene Allen  Business / Technology Email
 Kelly Gordon  Special Education Email
 Luke Hartwell  Social Studies Email
 Gerald Brown  Special Ed Tech II Email
 Ronald Chillington

 Position/Classes:  Honors United States History, Advanced Placement   United States History Government,  United States History 1

 Hobbies/Interests:  I play, coach, and live TENNIS!

 Leonora Ellis  English Email
 Kathy Alley  Special Ed Tech III Email
 Betty Harmon  Special Ed Tech II Email
 Elizabeth Hatfield  Math Email
 Joseph Hayden

 Position/Classes:  Physical Education

 Hobbies/Interests:  Cycling, strength training, fishing, hunting,   boating, woodworking.

 Brian Greenlaw  Science / Math Email
 Hailey Kehrli  English Email
 Adam Meunier  Computer Technician / Webmaster Email
 Barbara Moody  Ed Tech Email
 Miranda Bickford  Social Studies Email
 Hannah Luce  Librarian Email
 Josh Demello  Art Email
 Emily Gray

 Position/Classes:  Physical Science, Physical 

 Hobbies/Interests:  Rugby-playing and reffing, eating pineapple pizza,   watching netfix.

 Tyrel Love  Science Email
 Cindy Worthen  English Email
 Joshua Bishop

 Position/Classes:  I'm an ed tech in the special ed department.  I   primarly am support staff in math and science classes. 

 Hobbies/Interests:  Basketball, coaching, Lakers, 49ers.

 Mark Goodwin  Industrial Technology Email
 Jacob Linkletter  Foreign Language Email
 Amanda Sonntag  Math Email
 Stephany Perkins  Jobs for Maine Graduates Email
 Karyn Bussell

 Position/Classes:  Health, Medical Terminology, Health Occupations

 Hobbies/Interests:  Reading, family game night, reiki, cribbage.

 Dori Reed

 Position/Classes:  Special Education Teacher, Resource Room, I teach   math and english,

 Hobbies/Interests:  Riding my Harley, crocheting, walking, gardening   (Flowers) ,my animals.

 Elaine Libby  Cafeteria  
 Tracy Sargent  Cafeteria Email
 Jenny Sheridan  Cafeteria  
 Jaime Chamberland  Music Email
 Ashley Conners  Special Education Email
 Doris Cook  Custodian Email
 Fadhili Mbase  Custodian  
 Tasha Cook  Custodian