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1) Real Science Issue / Science Background Content.

2) Students are presented with a CHALLENGE.

3) Students are presented CRITERIA & CONSTRAINTS.

4) Students are asked to produce a SOLUTION ( model) to challenge.

5) Students REVISE their original idea. TEST -- Revise--Test

6) Students make CONNECTIONS to other content areas.



Intro to STEAM Builds

Mars Exploration Builds

Earth Science Builds

Types of Engineers

Save Fred

Cup Towers

Careers in STEAM

Sentence Strip Build

Chip Build

    1) Mars Satellite Build

    2) Marscape

    3) Mars Lander Build

    4) Mars Rover Build

    5) Bristle Bots

    6) VR Space Travel


3D Fossil Build

VR Earth Field Trips

Shaker Tables/Earthquake Structures

Stream/Erosion Build

Plate Tectonics Build

Ocean Currents Build

Natural Disaster/Tsunami Build

Oil Spill Build

Soil Profile

Mapping the Ocean Floor Build




Biomedical/Chemistry Builds

Mechanical Finger Build

Straw Hand Build

Extracting DNA Build

March Madness Element​s

3D Atomic Structures

Density Cube Build

Build a Paper Tree (Physical/Chemical Changes)

Rainbow Density Build

Homemade Lava Lamp Build



Force & Motion Builds

Life Science Builds

Art Connection

Hovercraft Build

Newton's Cradle

Marble Run


Zip Into STEAM

3D Mazes

Potty Coasters

3D Cell Model Build

Life's Code - DNA Strand Build

Ugly Baby Build

3D Bone and Muscle Model

Clean Water Build

Fish Food Garden(Aquaponics Build)

Shark Cage Build

Creature Catcher

Home Sweet Home - Animal Habitat

Beaver Builds - 1, 23

GeoDome Build - Beaver Lodge

Birds Nests - Animal Structures

Bio Creature

Animal Mimicry - Fly Tying

Observational Drawings Build

Stop Motion Build

3D Alien/Spaceship Build

3D Chess/Game Piece Build

Design a Hot Car Build

Positive/Negative Space Build

Wing Design (Wing Bling) Build

2D Drawing to 3D Print



Energy Builds

Literacy Builds

Thematic  Builds

Paper Circuits

Squishy Circuits


Eddy Currents builds


Pumpkin Chunkin'

Freeze Monster 

Super Hero Comeback

     1     2     3     4     5     6

Gingerbread - 1  & 2