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Things to Consider

When designing an Innovation Lab for your STEAM needs you must consider a few things: 

1) What your Staff & Students can integrate and produce effectively.​

2) Best use of space and resources.​

3) User-friendly and available.​

4) What can be fiscally maintained?


Steps to make an Innovation Lab a REALITY

1) Design your space & storage needs:

    Shelving allows you to organize STEAM material.

    Transparent totes allow you to see inventory easily. 

2) 3-D Printers: Flash Forge Printers are great starter printers & Hatchbox PLA is very cost effective.

3) Consumables for Builds: (2 Types - Reusable & Non-Reusable) A list of the items we recommend for the builds listed can be given upon request.

4) Robots & Tablets for coding.

5) Workspace: We find that tables are the best approach for STEAM builds and collaborative work.