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There are 9 Literacy Strategies that are focused on in our STEM/STEAM curriculum.


They are as follows: 
1. Four Square Literacy Strategy (As seen on the left)
2. 10 Words in 10 Minutes
3. Word Walls
4. Think Pair/Share
5. Triple Journal Entry (Word-Definition-Picture)
6. Alphabet Soup
7. KWL ( Know- Want to Know- Learn)
8.Give One/ Get One ( Six Square Graphic Organizer or Two Sided Columns work well)
9.Post-It Notes with Coded Annotations
  • ? for “I don’t understand.”
  • ! for “I learned something new.”
  • ~ for “I don’t believe this/agree with this.”
  • + for “I want to learn more about this.”
  • – for “I don’t think this is important.”
  • * for “I think this is an important theme.”
  • = for “I think this is a parallel to something else.”