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Through collaboration, K.V.S.O.P.'s mission is to create a STEM curriculum that cultivates 21st Century Skills such a

  • Planning, critical thinking, reasoning and creativity.

  • Strong communication skills, both interpersonal and presentation needs.

  • Develop cross-cultural understanding.

  • Visualizing and decision making.

  • Knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the best appropriate tool for the task.

  • Fostering personal and social responsibility towards STEM global issues.

  • Encouraging explicit/reflective practices through STEM activities.




Through collaboration, K.V.S.O.P. vision is to create effective STEM instructional practices, improve student performance, and increase the engagement of parents through high quality, customized, standards-aligned, hands-on digital STEM curricula and resources.




A. To emphasize STEM higher level thinking skills.

B. To explore and pursue STEM career pathways and postsecondary opportunities.

C. To promote enthusiastic student engagement in order to reduce truancy and dropout rates.

D. To increase enrollment in science, math, technology courses in high school.

E. To expand the STEAM technology resources so that students and schools have full school year opportunities to engage in STEAM learning.

F. To increase MS exposure to STEAM opportunities and the pathways required to access STEAM careers.

G. To improve student math readiness for middle-level STEAM education.