~There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea,

but the best ships are friendships, may they always be.~


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Scott Mitchell                             scott.mitchell@msad59.org


Administrative Assistants       

Mrs. Danyel Clark                      danyel.clark@msad59.org

Mrs. Sara Dube                          sara.dube@msad59.org


Miss Kelly Williams                    kelly.williams@msad59.org

Mrs. Kathy Steuber

Miss Cassie Fuller


Miss Lani Weeks

Mr. Chris Nelson  

Mr. Mike Crane


Mrs. Margaux Files                   margaux.files@msad59.org

Kindergarten Paraprofessionals            

Mrs. Lorie Osgood                   lorie.osgood@msad59.org

Mrs. Allison Ouellette                    allison.ouellette@msad59.org

Literacy Specialists 

Mrs. Carole LePage                 carole.lepage@msad59.org 

Mrs. Eileen Nickerson              eileen.nickerson@msad59.org


Mrs. Monica Beach                  monica.beach@msad59.org

Occupational Therapist                    

Mrs. Lisa Miller                        lisa.miller@msad59.org

Preschool Paraprofessional

Mrs. Vanessa Bishop              vanessa.bishop@msad59.org

Special Education Paraprofessionals

Ms. Barbara Bell                     barbara.bell@msad59.org

Mrs. Tammie Cowette            tammie.cowette@msad59.org

Mrs. Erika Malcolm                 erika.malcolm@msad59.org

Mrs. Helen Peavey                  helen.peavey@msad59.org

Mrs. Jessica Spaulding           jessica.spaulding@msad59.org

Ms. Karen Washburn             karen.washburn@msad59.org

Speech Paraprofessional   

Mrs. Jessica Foss                     jessica.foss@msad59.org 

Title 1 Paraprofessional

Mrs. Susan Gray                     susan.gray@msad59.org

Miss Marie Richard                marie.richard@msad59.org


Kindergarten Teachers 

Mrs. Wendy Friend        wendy.friend@msad59.org

Mrs. Dorothy Reed        dorothy.reed@msad59.org 

Mrs. Jennifer Swain       jennifer.swain@msad59.org

1st Grade  Teachers

Miss Stephanie Barron  stephanie.barron@msad59.org 

Mrs. Dawn Dickey          dawn.dickey@msad59.org

Mrs. Amanda Nichols    amanda.nichols@msad59.org

2nd Grade Teachers       

Mrs. Dawn Juskewitch   dawn.juskewitch@msad59.org

Mrs. Laura Hartwell       laura.hartwell@msad59.org

3rd Grade Teachers          

Mrs. Kristy Christopher  kristy.christopher@msad59.org

Mrs. Charlene Dean       charlene.dean@msad59.org

Mrs. Nikki Smith             nicole.smith@msad59.org

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Stephanie Barnum     stephanie.barnum@msad59.org

Mr. Eric Leimbach         eric.leimbach@msad59.org

Preschool Teacher    

Miss Savanna Dickey       savanna.dickey@msad59.org

Special Education Teachers

Mrs. Vicki Collins             vicki.collins@msad59.org

Mrs. Cristina Sirois          cristina.sirois@msad59.org

Mrs. Alison Willing           alison.willing@msad59.org


Miss Lisa Ingraham          lisa.ingraham@msad59.org


Mrs. Nora LeBlanc            nora.leblanc@msad59.org


Mrs. Jennifer Snowman          jennifer.snowman@msad59.org

Physical Education  

Mr. Robert Saucier          robert.saucier@msad59.org

Special Education Social Worker

Mrs. Sharon Field              sharon.field@msad59.org

Speech Therapist

Mrs. Robin Konieczko       robin.konieczko@msad59.org


Ms. Angela Friend            angela.friend@msad59.org