This has been a joint effort, the saying "it takes a village" sure rings true here.  Mr. Aaron LeBlanc &  Mr. Randy Soucie are putting finishing touches on our trail system to make sure that it is safe and accessible for all students.   Mrs. Jennifer Swain, Mrs. Cristina Sirois and Mrs. Kathy Bertini devoted countless hours towards the grant to fund this project.  There will be 5 outdoor classroom spaces,  after the dock system is installed next Spring. Our KVMPH students are constructing a shed and a mural will be painted by one of our RSU #59 students. So exciting that the students and staff will utilize this trail and outdoor spaces for years and years to come!

~Keepers Of The Woods~

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Turtle On The Game Trail                  Crawling Critter


Teach Me Outside is a video that shares our vision!


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