Kathy Bertini - STEAM Coordinator

Towns/Schools: Lead – MSAD 74/RSU 74 (Anson, Solon, Embden, New Portland). Partners – MSAD 13/RSU 83 (Bingham, Moscow) MSAD #59/RSU #59 (Madison), Somerset Career and Technical Center (Skowhegan)

Description: The three districts plan to introduce, enhance, and expand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at the middle level by creating a STEM outreach project/program that targets the needs of all students from at-risk to gifted and talented. This outreach project will align the STEM curriculum with the progression of local PK-12 standards. The project will employ a STEM Coach to work with teachers to promote goals such as – emphasizing STEM higher level thinking, explore STEM career pathways, promote student engagement, and to increase enrollment in science, math, and technology courses in high school.